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We created Burgerology because we know you want, and deserve a high-quality craft burger. We're not a place that does burgers on the side. We do burgers, and we do burgers well! We experiment (#burgerscience) with flavors pushing the limits, and never stop until it's perfect. We don't want to be the only burger you eat. We want to be the best burgers you eat! See you soon...


Is a quality grade assigned by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to describe the highest quality beef in terms of tenderness, juiciness, and flavor. The "prime" grade will be given to meat that comes from the youngest beef with the most abundant intramuscular marbling. USDA Prime is the highest quality level available for all graded American raised beef. USDA Prime only accounts for around 3% of all beef sold in the United States. That makes it extremely rare to consumers (No-pun intended). This is the only type of beef that Burgerology sells.